Saudi Standards, Metrology And Quality Organization

This project, is an execution of a series of offices and workstations for the Saudi Standards, Metrology And Quality Organization (SASO).
The headquarter was designed and constructed following three consecutive construction phases:

  • The first stage

As a start, the company worked on the design of the first phase of an indoor working environment that encourages collaboration and team work by blending spaces and offices to form a large co-working hub.

  • The second stage

The second stage was designed in the same spirit as the first stage co-working space but with a different interior design in order to highlight the differences between the flooring functions.

  • The Third stage

The third stage included the restoration of the central hall. The central hall had to follow the same concept while at the same time reflecting the “efficacy” and “stability” that the presidency should enjoy through the use of wood and marble in the implementation.